Is Mentoring Effective In Your Organisation?​

Crucial Mentoring Conversations will equip your leaders with tools to have deeper more meaningful conversations with those they mentor.

Crucial Mentoring Conversations

Mentoring nourishes others to grow and act with greater confidence. The need for mentorship is greater than ever before. However, informal mentoring has not kept up with the challenges in business. In his latest book on mentoring, Niel Steinmann, South Africa’s leading authority on mentorship, suggests a structured and intentional approach to mentoring called CRUCIAL MENTORING CONVERSATIONS. He explains: ‘Our success in life is dictated by the quality of relationships we can build and maintain. Parents, teachers and leaders from any professional or educational setting or career now have the tools to successfully navigate mentoring relationships.

The book is rich with advice and explores the various conversations crucial for successful mentoring relationships. You will be equipped to hold deeper more honest conversations that create new levels of self-awareness and opportunities for those that you mentor to transform situations and relationships around them. It gives the mentor practical tools to facilitate this awareness and learning in ways that enrich, challenge, inspire and enable mentees to learn about themselves and their world.

Crucial Mentoring Conversations
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Our success in life is dictated by the quality of relationships we can build and maintain.

Niel Steinmann
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Over the last 25 years we have capacitated business leaders, strategic thinkers, thriving business personalities, outstanding educators, religious leaders, sporting icons and loving parents. They have all performed this multi-faceted role of mentoring simply because of their passion and belief in those in whom they have invested their time.

Mentoring is now a strategic business initiative and institutions are more than ever expecting to see the real value of mentoring. It is for this reason that organisations have been tempted to structure and formalise mentoring. Mentors are tasked with this “professional obligation”, often without any road map to show them where the journey might go, and yet these relationships are expected to extract greater value-add for mentees’ growth and development!

We have noticed over the years that the most successful mentoring relationships are those that grow organically, where there is a natural attraction between mentor and mentee. Modern mentoring requires more than an ad hoc effort where mentors and mentees get together for a cup of coffee; rather, mentees benefit from a more deliberate effort by mentors who are intentional in their conversations, the opportunities they provide, and the feedback they give.

The success of a more structured/formal mentoring relationship (like any other) depends on both parties’ commitment to meeting the challenges of the relationship and to take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented – all of this with a clear end in mind for the relationship!

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Crucial Mentoring Conversations Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Go through a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you are still not answered contact us and we would be happy to answer any of your burning questions!

What is mentoring?

The act or process of helping and guiding another person to support their personal development.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.

What is a mentor?

 It is a person who can support, advise and guide you. They typically take the time to get to know you and the challenges you're facing and then use their understanding and personal experience to help you improve.

What is a mentee?

It is a person who is under the tutelage or training of a mentor who teaches them new skills to help them achieve their goals.