Lynn Vermaak
About Me


She LOVES popcorn! 

She is obsessed with Creative Thinking and Innovation.

She is a Cheerleader of “aha” moments – especially with regards to Mentoring!

Hence, Popcorn Creativity was born! A signature programme she developed for organisations to fast
track their thinking for increased creativity and innovation. She assists individuals, teams, and
executives to supercharge their thinking skills so that they can foster greater personal, career and
business success.

She worked for many years at the C.S.I.R. (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), as a social
science researcher, then as a senior human development officer and then finally she headed up the
CSIR Learning, Leadership, and Innovation Academy, where she developed, assessed, and facilitated
various training programmes across different business and research sectors of the CSIR. She was the
programme leader for Mentoring at the CSIR for many years and worked closely with Niel Steinmann
to facilitate a culture of mentoring across the CSIR, from students right through to executive group
business leaders.

After a satisfying and fulfilling career at the CSIR, she then joined her daughter Taryn-lee Kearney to
follow her passion of making a difference through curriculum design, training, coaching and
facilitation. They have worked extensively across different sectors of industry and across Southern

She has a Masters in Social Science. She is also a NBI ® Brain Practitioner, with several years of
experience using this profile assessment tool with individuals, teams, and executives. She uses this
tool with mentees and mentors to better understand themselves and then trains them on how to
apply this understanding to benefit the mentoring relationship as well as their personal

+27 (0)82 686 8966